Carolyn Evans

Paintings & Sculpture

Artist Carolyn Evans is a painter and sculptor based in Natick, MA. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is revered by those in the art industry.

Videos displayed include:

  • Carolyn Evans: "Out There, Exploring The Abstract" by Linda Lago-Kass
  • Carolyn Evans: American Artist Not A Still Life by Linda Lago-Kass
  • Artist Carolyn Evans "Light In The Room Glow On The Walls."
Artist Carolyn Evans talks about the evolution of her "style" from figurative to a relationship with geometry, color and design. In this body of work, the viewer finds his/her eye working around the painting, exploring and interpreting in a very personal way.
American Artist, Carolyn Evans discusses her new abstract paintings.
Carolyn Evans, a N.E. based painter, talks about her formative years in New Orleans and how Hurricane Katrina has affected her paintings.